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First Name * Ryua
Last Name *
Username * Ryua
Country * USA
City Connelly Springs
Nationality American
Languages EnglishJapanese



Availability: student


Yo, o-genki desu ka, hai genki, sou boku Morgan ga suki desu, Ni hon ga suki.... I am really in a hole here, if you understand what I said above, I have two different things I'm going for, one's based on love the other is based off thrill and excitement..... I want to become the best at everything where it's trying to be in drawing, animating, modeling, film, sound opt., or even at what I started with fighting, training, and traveling... I know you all only discuss things on art work or animated movies, but I need a little help I want to be with Morgan { my little angel }, but I don't think she feels the same, and I also want to go to Japan and live the rest of my life there.... So if any comments or hint om what I should do send them my way... arigatou gozaimasu.......